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7 Party Planning Tips For Building Your Party Timeline

7 Party Planning Tips for Building Your Party Timeline

One of the best things that you can keep when you are planning a party or event of any size is a written party timeline and master shopping list. By making yourself a good solid timeline and comprehensive list for shopping, you can ensure that your party goes off without a disincentive.

Here are seven tips from professional party planners to get you on the right track in planning your shopping list and timeline:

Tip #1 – No matter what the size of your event, if it is for children or adults, a wedding or a simple birthday party, you must have a master shopping list as well as a good timeline. Simply use a pen and paper and decide on how long things will take you to do and initiation filling in your timeline. And, while you are going washed-up the process, this is the point to start a shopping list over well.

Tip #3 – Before you can start to build your timeline and shopping list, first you must decide on where your party or event will correspond to held and how many people you will be inviting. If you will be using an event location or a restaurant, you need to secure your space before moving along to do existence else.

Tip #3 – Once you have secured your location for your party, then you can start to constitution your lists. To start building your timeline think about the things you will need to do before the party, agnate because fetch out your invitations. If you will be having them custom printed you will need to allow increased time for the printing before you can mail them out to your guests.

Tip #4 – Now that you have your date and location secured, and you have ordered your invitations, if necessary, then it is time to think about what you will be doing at your party, what type of food and drinks will be on the menu, and how long you want the party to last. Dedicate a single sheet of comp fair-minded to your party day and list everything you will need to see to, in order, by time. For example, preparing food before guests arrive would be at the top of the sheet of paper, while giving out party favors may be at the absolute bottom.

Tip #5 – Mastery addition to your timeline for the day of the party, you will besides want to formulate a timeline for the two weeks or so crowing up to the event. Here you will need to block out time for cleaning, shopping, decorating, etc…

Tip #6 – As you do each of the steps above, you will start to flourish a good timeline and a extravagant shopping and supplies list of things which you will need. This will be a great help to you and can even help you to remember to pick up things that you command otherwise have forgotten. In addition, you will also start to see if there will be any conflicts in your timeline where you might need to move a few things around or employ the help of others.

Tip #7 – Once you have your lists generated then it is space to stick to them and make sure everything gets done. If you are finding that you own more work to do than time to do it in, it is perfectly acceptable to ask other people to help you with carious parts of the event. Reputation fact, most people you bequeath find would be happy to help you.

If you will personify hosting a party or event, the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to follow these tips, and others you hear from friends, and develop yourself a good timeline and master shopping list. By writing things down, you will much more clearly look at what you need to do and what you will have time to do yourself.


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