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Party Planning Tips For A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

Party Planning Tips for a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

If you have a daughter who is turning sixteen soon, then you know the importance of having a sweet sixteen party for her. Contrary to what she might be seeing on MTV, sweet sixteen parties shouldn’t look like a marriage; it should be a party simply to celebrate her sixteenth birthday and in some states her ability to get a driver’s license.

The sweet sixteen party which you and your daughter plan should start with picking a burden for the party, if you commit have one. The theme you choose may dictate where you will hold the party. If your daughter wants a bowling party, for instance, then the party would have to be held at the local bowling alley. Some girls with summer birthdays will want their party to be on the beach or at a local class. And, other girls want their theme to be elegant and more adult. For this last type of party you might want to posses it at a restaurant or at your home.

Once you have a theme and a location, then it is time for you to come up with a date for the party. Saturday or Saturday evening is generally the best times to host a party because people will be off of work and ready to operate something fun for the day or evening. The time of day for your party will largely be dictated by the theme of the party you are having and its location.

Once you have a theme, setting, and date for the party, forasmuch as it is time to start looking for just the right initiations to fit the event. You have the choice of writing in your own store - bought invitations, printing your own on your home computer, or having invitations printed. Here again, it depends largely on the theme of your party and what you have available to you in your area and online. However, you might be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of merit professional printing these days and may want to opt to have the invitations printed.

Once you have your invitations addressed they should be mailed about four weeks before the party. Your goal is to give people the opportunity to attend, but not let them know so far in advance that they forget to come to the party. Generally, about four weeks is the standard as long as you are not having too lavish of an event. If there will be over a hundred persons in attendance, then you might want to guide out your initiations earlier, but never more than eight weeks prior to the party date.

Once your invitations are sent out then it is time to work on the menu and decoration needs for the party. If you commit exhibit having an informal, family type gathering, then trite foods work very well; however, if your event is more formal or there will appear as a lot of people in attendance, you need to look at what foods will be appropriate.
For decorations, effortless elegance works very well to help to keep prices down but things appearing to be elegant. Some store - bought flowers placed in strategic places liability do wonders for a room!

Planning a sweet sixteen party doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. The most important part is to plan a party everyone can enjoy and remember – especially the guest of honor.


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